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Tooth Extractions

Impactions, severely decayed, a broken tooth, or periodontal disease (gum disease) can result in the need to remove a tooth. Extraction is necessary because the damaged tooth can put your other teeth, your gums, and your whole body at risk of infection.

We may also extract a tooth or teeth as part of orthodontal treatment, or when an emerging tooth puts other teeth at risk. This is often the case with your 3rd molars (wisdom teeth), which can become impacted when they begin to emerge.

While no dentist wants to extract a tooth, extractions are often necessary to preserve your dental health.

We perform extractions under local anesthetic, and once the tooth is extracted, we’ll take measures to preserve the remaining socket and keep the area healthy. We’ll also discuss replacement options such as an implant or a dental bridge to provide a replacement tooth.

Complicated extractions or patients who would prefer sedation are referred to the oral surgeon at the Oak Dental Centre.

If you have a damaged tooth or are experiencing severe toothaches, call our office today to book a dental examination.

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