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Teeth Whitening

You are born with perfectly white teeth, but as you grow older your teeth gradually become stained by food and drink. Professional whitening can remove this staining and give you a brilliant, white smile. We use the Philips ZOOM professional in-office and home whitening systems.

The in-office whitening uses a whitening gel and special lamp to whiten your teeth very quickly and safely. Many patients can get the results they want in a single appointment. In-office whitening is reliable and long-lasting.

At-home whitening is an option for patients who want to whiten their teeth on their own time. The whitening kit consists of two plastic trays and a whitening gel – you put the gel in the trays and put the trays over your teeth. The length of treatment depends on the results you want and you can determine the shade of the whitening you get. To get a higher level of whitening you simply extend the time you use the treatment.

Get a beautiful new smile today. Call our office to book a whitening appointment.